Mobile Website not displayed on Nokia

Mobile Website not displayed on Nokia

Hi guys,
This is definitely not a platform problem, because I have a android phone and i can see everything crystal clear, but in some nokias ( in this case N95 and N96 ) I can't see the main content. Is it anything to do about css and html5?
I have no idea, I worked with web development some years ago (I’m outdated ..), but I need to explain this behaviour to the customer.

Hi Francisco,

There are fairly old S60 handsets that probably work better using mobile web (WML etc) than full HTML. I'm not even sure if these phones support ajax at all.

Having said that it may just be the case that some browser caps are missing from the server's machine.config. I suggest you contact OutSystems support to check with them on this.


Thanks for your answer miguel.

I think it's a symbian limitation, but I will try to see with Outsystems.

Thank you
Hi all,

This is what I see as specs of the N95: 
Browser WAP 2.0/xHTML, HTML

Don't think OutSystems will work on that one ... at least not with AJAX. Might work without, but then the generated HTML needs to be modified to perform on this kind of devices.

I'm also a dinosaur in mobile development and remeber the WAP/WML times back in 1999 :-)
Thanks for the reply Joop.

I had a cheap mobile phone, that did not even had bluetooth, so I couldn't "prove" that the problem was the "old" nokia.
So, I bought myself a xmas present, so I can test them myself without having to ask favours to anyone.
It does "work", but you just cant see what it's the main content that works on AJAX, you're right.

The customer accepted my "theory", and also I saw a smile on his face when he say it working on my mobile phone with the xmas component :)

Thanks !