Use multiple values in combobox Special Values "Value" property.

Hello everyone out there,

I am trying to use a combo box, which uses some Special Values. What I want to do is, on Value1 Property of Special Values, use more than one values. For example Value1 could be 1, 4. I get an error message stating that "The 'Value' property must consist only of alphanumeric characters."

Please advise on how to deal with this problem

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I don't immediatly understand why you would want to do exactly. Can you give a more elaborate explanation?

Hi Kurt

OK...Please see attached file, ComboBox Properties, Special List, Value1.
Value1 needs to have more than one values. Is there a way to do that?

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Hi Marios,

I believe Kurt's doubt wasn't what you meant by having a comma separated value but rather why you would want a comma separated value in the first place. :)

Anyway, assuming you do need more than one value I would suggest you use an underscore "_" to separate the sections (eg. 1_4) and then split it on submit. It is, indeed, not possible to have spaces or non-alphanumeric characters for values.


Hello Miguel, Kurt

It is a Combobox which populates with Status Values. My clients requested the Default Search Regarding this combobox to include more than one values.

Thanks for the advice. I will try to implent it.

Hi Marios,
Although it's not a good practice to hardcode Id's, you can accomplish what you want with a custom structure for your combo. 
See the attachment. It's in 6.0. If you cannot open it, ask me for a 5.0 version. oh, and I didn't publish the eSpace but it should work.
André Santos
Thanks Andre,

Please Send me a 5.0 version of the .oml file attached. I am currently using OSS


Here you go. It's on version 5.0. I don't have service studio 5.1 on my laptop. Just open it in 5.1 it will convert it automatically.

Let me know if it solves your problem.


André Santos