Convert Data page into PDF.. How to do it?

Hi there, I am completely new to outsystems.. so i have some understanding on how it all works.. at the moment I have the HTML to PDF installed however im not really sure how to get it set up or make it work.
Is there a video demonstration or a tutorial on it?

Been searching on the forums, i cant seem to find anything.

Many Thanks
Hi Alex,

First of all, welcome to the OutSystems Community - hope you enjoy your time here.

I don't know of any other video or tutorial for that component other thann the HtmlToPdfConverter.oml sample eSpace that is shipped with the extension, but that one seems pretty easy to understand. Have you opened that eSpace with Service Center and looked into the GetPDF action in the HowTo screen?

Also, may I would suggest that you post any questions on this component in[[]Html-to-PDF-Converter]-Discussion instead, as it's the component's thread and you'll probably get the attention of the best people there. :)