Container_ExpandCollapse Link to Expression

Container_ExpandCollapse Link to Expression

Hi guys,

I've got a doubt about expandcollapse. I'm using it on a mobile application, and what I want to do it as a  link to a text to the explandcollapse. The expandcollapse is just next to the text, but for a better usability, if the user press the text I would like it to behave the same way as the widget.


Don't really understand what you want:

Expand/Collapse something by pressing text on the screen?
Expand/Collapse the text itself?

Don't tell you're doubts, but just what you want to achieve?

Kind regards,

Hi evert,
Thanks for your reply.

I have the expandcollpse just next to the text, what I want is if the user press Detalhes opens the container as if we pressed the widget.
Did i got myself better explained now ? :)

Hello Francisco,

Maybe you should do it with a local variable (works kind of the same as the container expand/collapse)

Make a local variable, for examlple: showContainer (boolean). Set this variable as the value for the container show attribute.

Make a link on the text which goes to an local action, in this action you set the showContainer boolean true (or false is it was true :) ) and an ajax refresh on the container.

Now clicking the text will show and hide the container.

Hope this is the answer you're looking for?

Kind regards,

Hi Evert,

5* !
Thank you !