Emailing in outsystem

Emailing in outsystem


How can i get Email screen in Outsystem

I have trial version with me where  i am not able to find email screen.
Also i donwloaded one Email service oml file but as it is with prior verison i.e 5.1 and i have service studio with verison ,
I was not able to see its functionality as lots of actions are not avialble in the verison which are required for The email service to run.

Please let me know
Thanks and Rgds.
Sachin Kaulgud
Hello Sachin,

It should be available when you use rightclick on the flow, then you can select: 'Add email'.

See attached screenshot.

Kind regards,
Thanks Evert

I have a query , Why the SMTP (email) configuration does not get saved even configured it already.
When i go to Administration -- > Email.. I cannot see the configuraiton what i have already applied.

Cld you pls help

Also i am getting the strange error "outsystems"."DBO".ossys_user_t2 with key 0 was not found  when i try with email.

Hello Sachin,

Do you use the community edition? See the attached screenshot that is what you should see and what should work. In that screen you can also test te setting in the last box (sending a test e-mail to yourself), would that be possible for you?

Regarding the error, can you make a screenshot of the inputs you put into the email (from, to and those properties). it seems that you want to retrieve an user from the database where that user doesn't exist.

Kind regards,