Automated Unit and Integration Testing

Hello.  I am new to using the Outsystems framework and come from a .NET background.  There a few conceptual/architectural things I am struggling with that are very different.  I have read some forum posts on this, but one of the major practices in Agile shops is automated testing.  Is there any way to write and automate unit and integration tests in Outsystems?  I know when you are developing your own modules you can test those modules however you like, but if you want an end to end automated integrate test of a business process how do you do that?

Also what is the Outsystems recommended method for creating business logic?  Is it WCF web services and then call them from the outsystems business process?

Are there any plans to start interfacing with a .NET ORM like the ADO.NET entity framework, NHibernate, etc.?

Finally, I do not understand the licensing.  I downloaded and installed the server locally to learn more about it.  When do I have to start paying for licenses?

If I install it for example on an Amazon cloud server what do I purchase?  If I run it on outsystems servers then I pay $10 or $20 per concurrent user?

Thank you!

I want to ask similar question about autmated unit and integration testing

Hello Aditya,

You can use the Test Manager component for automated unit and integration regression testing in the Agile Platform.