Cannot Import SQL View as Entity if the View pulls data from a Linked Server
Application Type
Service Studio Version
11.53.18 (Build 61343)
Platform Version
11.10.4 (Build 29616)

I have a view in an external database that I want to import into an extension for use in an app. This view pulls data from tables that are in a linked server. My issue is that when I go to create the entity from the view, it pulls across the source columns from the linked server instead of the columns that are set in the view.

The main issue is that the view process/formats many of the columns since it pulls from several tables, and I lose a lot of functionality without this view. Is this a limitation of the Outsystems platform, or are there some specific database settings/permissions that are causing this?

Hello, I've used Views since version 5 and never got any issue at all. Are you sure you're importing the right View and not another SQL component with the same name?

Given the specific name I gave the view, it would be difficult to pull in the wrong object. My solution was to create a duplicate cache of the data and make a view off that instead of from the linked server. This ended up working better as I could create more specific indexes on the cached table for better performance than what the underlying linked server had on its table.

Ok, I'm glad that you found your way eventually :)

It's true that my View was only in the same server not in linked ones.

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