Webblock missing


Having some technical point with a missing webblock in my Espace.
Sending the Espace as Reference.

In the Webscreen Company_Edit the Webblock for CompanyContacts is only visible when the user
selects one existing Company from the Company_List.
So the user selects one Company and goes for the Edit Company link. At the end of the page
the user has the possibility to add a new CompanyContact reference. This works fine !

The Webblock CompanyContacts is visible for that action, but not for a new Company.
So the user selects New Company link and goes for the Edit Company link. This doesnt show the Webblock at the end of the page?

Somebody knows what I'm missing in the eSpace ?
Hi Yusuf,

It does that because it is the screen logic that is dictating it: the IF only shows the bottom section of the screen (i.e. the Company Contacts) if this screen CompanyId parameter is not null. The reason for this is that any contacts that you create will need to be associated to a company, and it the company is not known, you can't add any "dependencies" on it.

Only after you press "Save" will a new company be inserted in the DB and an Id created (i.e. on a new company the screen receives no Id on the parameter). From then on, you can add contacts.

There are many ways you can change this behaviour to allow contact creation without leaving the screen: as an example you can change the Save screen action not go back to the Company List at the end but instead

1) Assign the CreateOrUpdateCOMPANY.Id to the CompanyId variable then
2) Specify a Name on the IF mentioned above and do an Ajax Refresh (node) on that IF then
3) Change the Destination (node) to an End node;

That should make the bottom section appear after you press save on a new company.

Let me know if you got it or you need any more help.


Hi Miguel,

First of all thanks for your information. I'll give it a try, with the given technical advice.

Regards, Yusuf
Hi Yusuf,

Have a look at the modified OML in attach. I didn't make many changes: it mostly boiled down to changing the end section of the Save action to work in a split Create versus Update mode: when in create, it will refresh the bottom sections of the screen after it has an Id and stays in the same screen. When in Update it saves and goes back to the List screen.

Hope this helps,

Hi Miguel,

Great !
Yes Tried the changes and run it with some other technical changes, building a function for editing the last webblock also
where the user can create a new ITProff and delete an existing ITProff, now the user can also edit an existing ITProff in a popUp editor window.

Thanks for your help.
Glad it worked for you! :)