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Published on 2011-12-14 by Miguel Seabra Melo
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Published on 2011-12-14 by Miguel Seabra Melo
I think this small details make a huge impact on customers.
I Have tried it, and It works. Not on mobile ( android 2.3 ) but is very funny and you can make a customer smile with a couple of clicks.
Can you launch a 5.1 version for those who are unfortunate and still work with dinossaur technology? :P

Excellent feature!

Agree with Carlos. 5.1 version would be great.

Haha. Awesome :D

Couldn't resist getting into the spirit as well. Santa Claus is comming to town :) 
Sadly, it requires flash. I recommend setting the SizeMultiplier to 0.50 so Santa, Rudolf, Dasher and Dancer don't get in the way because of their size.
@Francisco: You can actually turn on mobile on the snow. Haven't tested, but according to the site of the guy that made the snow.js, you can set snowStorm.excludeMobile = false; (if you're up to it, edit the component and add a boolean to the webblock to turn on mobile! :)

@5.1 Users: We're working on downgrading the Xmas component to 5.1. Stay tuned!

@Antonio: That is so cool! Already updated the component on the Community. Here's a screenshot of what you get with this great addition!

Ok everybody, a 5.1 version is already available and can be downloaded from the Component's version history at http://www.outsystems.com/NetworkSolutions/ChangeLog.aspx?ProjectId=273

In case you're wondering, this downgrade was done manually: i.e. I rebuilt the Xmas eSpace from scratch in 5.1 myself. We at OutSystems really spare no effort to keep you guys happy, lol

Enjoy the component and the festivities,

@ Rodrigo,

I've done it, with the local variable and it works on mobile!
The only thing is that you have to click/touch anywhere on the website to "activate it". I'll give a look to it so it starts as soon as the page is displayed.

Thanks !
Thanks Miguel. Much appreciated. Got to upgrade soon. :)

Raghu. S