Lose table records data

Hello everyone.

I'm having a problem with some TR (Table Records).

I'm creating a 12 rows TR with some fixed values (ProjectId, Year and Month), and in that TR I also have some input fields, associated to variables from the TR (two decimal fields and an observations field).

I input data there and then, when I save, I iterate the table and create a record in the database for each record in the TR. This kind of code is working in another screen on our application, not developed by me, and seems like something pretty straight-foward.

The problem that is hapening is that when I press the Save button (I've seen this in debug mode), the TR loses all the pre-inserted data (ProjectId, Year and Month), but keeps the data I inputed manualy, trough the input fields. 

Any ideas?

Btw, I'm running Service Studio v. 
Hi Carlos, 

can you attach your espace or at least a sample of it? Most probably you're confusing the assign variables.