Deleted Message when inserting a new record

When inserting a new record an error message apears saying the record  has been deleted:

1- A record WAS correctly inserted.
2- the operation was not a delete operation
3- The Error message shows up even if there is not Feedback message in the action flow. it is ignored when it is a "success" message
4- The code was reviewed and is correct (first it was generated by Service Studio and later nanualy rewriten)
5- this has happened before but "went away" and could not find the cause.

Any idea?
Hi, Orlando.

It would be nice check the oml.
Can you attacth the oml file?

The message probably comes from the generated show screen.
In the preparation there is a check for the recent items block.
If the record was not found, it tries to delete the item from the recent items block and generates the message 

Check the point on the save action where the show screen is called.
The id sent to the show screen must be the id from the CreateOrUpdate action !!

My colleguae just experienced the same :-)