Clear Session Variables created by user

Clear Session Variables created by user

I am new one with outsytems, I am developing a site using outsystems and have a problem:
- When i logout, session variables all are clear. But when i log in, session variables created by user don't be set, they are empty, but some times they are set.
- If before i loged in an account, and after i log in another account, some information of last account which are session variables created by user is displayed.
I have call log_out when users click logout and also using SessionClear extension when i found in the forum but it doen't work

the version of outsystem i am using is

Hopy any one can me.

I am using Platform Server 6.0.x and I've also experienced this problem. The first time was with my development server that, in the beginning, was not setting Session variables properly, it fixed itself (weirdly). I have a new development environment now and the problem is happening again. For some odd reason, sometimes, Session variables do not hold their value and get read as empty in Actions.

Any ideas why this happens?

From the forum thread about that extension, it seems that is not working well on recent version 5.x and above. However, since version 6.0, the Session Variables are automatically reset to their default values when executing the Logout built action. I suggest you use that instead and check if you still have unexpected behaviors.

Regarding the Session variables not being set, we need to troublehsoot it more throughly. Can you use Firefox Firebug or Google Chrome Developer Tools to identify the Cookie headers of the reqeusts when the session variables loose the value? If the cookie session id changes, it means a new session.

Hope this helps.


Miguel Simões João