Can't connect the server.

I am new to  this platform. After instaled, I tried to start using it but I am having problems just in the first step when it asks to connect the Server. I know that my locahost is working properly and I can access it from my other programming languages. I changed the user from Admin to root and a put the password, but when I try to connect it returns a error message saying that my localhost cannot be found. Do I need to setup anything to get connected?
Hi Alexandre, and welcome to the OutSystems community forum!

"I can access it from my other programming languages the problem could be here, have you any other http server running like apache? if so you probably have the default port (80) mapped to that server and so you cannot access the IIS server which is used by the platform.

let us know more about this.

Thank you very much for the quick answer. I do have instaled in my computer the Zend Server. It uses the port 10081, so I am able to access the localhost in this port localhost:10081. Zend comes with Apache and PHP, so PHPMyAdmin is what I use to manage my local MySQL Databases. The exactly msg returned by agile platform is : "There was an error contacting 'localhost': Host not found." . I am very excited in to start using this language and hope to go after this little issue.

you need to map them to different ports.

So, how to make IIS on 80 and Apache on 8080?

Change Listen in httpd.conf found in the apache conf directory.

# Listen: Allows you to bind Apache to specific IP addresses and/or
# ports, instead of the default. See also the <VirtualHost>
# directive.
# Change this to Listen on specific IP addresses as shown below to 
# prevent Apache from glomming onto all bound IP addresses (
Listen 8080

Now whenever you want so access the apache server you need to enter in the url, http://localhost:8080. For IIS just enter http://localhost. This should do the work!

Hi Miguel!

I did exactly like you said and now I am able to open run my locahost at 8080 but the Agile platform still insists in the same error: 'There was an error contacting 'Locahost'. Connection failed. Is there anyway to map the Agile? I don't have any server using the port 80.

Thank you,


so lets see... have you downloaded it from here ?

There are two types of download.
1 - You only download the IDE and if you want you can try it on cloud, it doesn't install a local server. This file have aroud 27mb.
2 - You download the full platform, IDE + Server, that will install the platform server in your localhost. This file have around 102mb.

Can you confirm which version do you have?

I donwnloaded just from the same website that you sent to me. I don't know what is goin on. I was installing on my laptop and I got the same problem. My port 80 is complete free and Agile cannot connect my localhost. This is really driving me crazy.



try this link instead, fulfil your information, download and install that one.


Try to do a telnet to your localhost on port 80: telnet localhost 80. If it gives you a blank screen, service is listening.

Check in Windows Services management console (run->services.msc) if OutSystems services are running. Check if IIS is running (open cmd as admin->iisreset.exe /status).

Check if your localhost is reacheable through port 80 on IIS.

Ivo Gonçalves

Finally, the server is ON and running!  After checking the ports and downloading the version from the link, everything is working properly. Thank you so much guys for the tips and help, specially Miguel and Ivo. I would like to wish a Merry Xmas for everyone and congratulates for the nice community that I am part of now.

Thank you