Comments in Expression Editor

is there a way to create comments in expression editor?
Hi Manuel,

Though that suggestion already exists in the product backlog, unfortunately, it is not currently possible to add comments to expressions in Service Studio.


When can we expect this?
Is there already a way to create comments in expression editor?
Hi Matthias!

If the expression is on the screen (web screen or web block) you can add comments in two ways:
1 - Add a note next to the expression.
2 - If the expression is unescaped you can use HTML comments, just remember that these will show up on the HTML and using option 1 won't.
Do you mean the expression editor for stuff like the condition of an If or the value for an Assign?

Yes that's what i meant, something for commenting out a part of a expression

/* something to do here, for now 'a' is ok */
/* a+b */
Sadly, there's not Matthias. I thinnk there's an entry in the Ideas section about that. Would be a cool thing to have, though. :)