About the trial out period.

About the trial out period.

I started my Agile Software today using the Community License and it says that I can keep using it during my 30 Days Trial. I am developer with no budget to spend a monthly payment of $200.00. This means that after my 30 Days Trial period my Agile will stop working? I know this looks like stupid question but I need to know because 30 days is nothing to evaluate and become good in any language.

Thank you
You can convert the trial community license whenever you want to a permanent community license.

Go to http://www.outsystems.com/agile-platform-editions/
Click on "In your datacenter"
Click on "Choose your plan"
Select the "Community" tab
Click "Get It Free"
Fill in the basis info and submit the request

You'll get an email with your license key.
I think it took a couple of days in my case.

A last remark: to get a feeling of this great platform, go through the "How to's". It's the fastest way to get the basics.

Hope this helps.