Problem Iterating List Recoed...

Hi All,

i have a Screen with Table Widget Recoed,(where user enters data for example he enters five rows)and a List Record with some data for example six Save Action for each row of Table Widget Record,i have to iterate the each row of List Record,i am using foreach loop at table Record widget which is working correctly,but it takes first row from List Record each time,how i increament the List Record Row..?
how i get the first row of List Record for first row of Table Widget Record,and second row of List Recoed for second row of Table Widget and so on......

any help would be highly apreciated...


If you don't want to start each time from the first record, you might use the following properties of the for each

Next to that, instead of using the current record, try using the row number, e.g. FormattedCounterList[0].WorkingDaysCounters.NumberGuardDaysRegards,


Hi Kurt,

thank you so much for help,

and its solved,after wasting alot of time...because i dont knew that we can iterate a list by Index number....
and one more question is,how to get the Email id of a person who has a  role,like if a employee has manager role .so how to get his Email id.

thank you.