source code

hi the team .
i would like to know if it is possible to get the OML file source code.
if I decide to work with outsystems:  can i  always access my source code , even if I want to stop working with outsystems ?

thank u
Hi Aminata.

I bellieve the The Detach Process for .NET technical note is what you're looking for.

Best regards,
hi  António , 
thank you , that's clear now.
but the Option "download source" (page 3) is not available for me  , perhaps because i am currently using trial version?
Hi Animata, 

aren't you using a 5.0 version java stack?

hi Ricardo , yes i used  5.0 version java stack  , and i  continue exploring it and doing examples  to fell at ease with it ,  
but since last week , the the majority of my team's members has voted for the ".Net stack" , now i am obliged to turn to it.
So currently , i am using outsystems service center , service studio & integration studio 6.0
Hi Aminata,

The detach source code functionality on the platform is meant solely as a means for current OutSystems customers to extract their application source should they decide not to continue using the Platform in the future. You can read a great post on this here:

Unfortunatelty, due to the misuse of this feature by some users, its general availability was removed from Service Center and people who want to evaluate this feature (or clients that do want to detach) need to contact OutSystems Support to do so.

Hope this helps,

hi Miguel , 
 thank you for the information : i am going to read the post 

Best regards