How To: Monitor Development Time

Hi guys,

just wanna know if there's a way or if theres a built-in app from the outsysems to monitor or log the time how long the application is develop?

Many project management software, come with a time tracker tools that you can use to monitor your time spent on each task.

But if your project management software does not come with a built-in time tracker tool, you could always use,  freshbook time tracker

Otherwise you can find many stand alone time tracker tools via google

I'd suggest checking out a time tracking tool such as TSheets... 
You should check out Crisply. Crisply is a revolutionary approach to
time tracking and billing. The service is in private beta and being
uses by many companies in production today. Join the beta here: There is
no cost to use Crisply.
There are many tools. I had been using Replicon’s time tracking software ( which is just superb. Simple interface, ease of usability and great back up support. No issues since last 4 years.