Bug / Unintended change ?

Bug / Unintended change ?

I've found a strange behaviour in the 6.0 that didn't happen in the 5.1 version.

I've found myself with a client error: "An exception occurred in the client script.
Error: Popup link id must be the id of a Link or Button Widget with Method Navigate."

After some examination of the page I've encountered what caused the error which I'm will try to explain now:
  • Get a link widget in a page and fill the required fields (including a name so it can be used by the Popup_Editor widget);
  • Get a Popup_Editor widget and fill the required fields;
  • Set the Enabled property of the link to be, for instance, a boolean Input parameter of the screen;
  • Run the screen with both values (true/false)
Every time the link is disabled the error will appear (considering you have a Feedback_Message block in the page to ensure you can see the feedback messages)

This won't happen in the 5.1 version of the platform (the reason why I caught this in the first place was because I was upgrading an eSpace to 6.0).

Is this intentional? I'm guessing not since the List_BulkSelect widget uses this kind of logic (enable/disable links) to work and I've used it sucessfully using the Popup_Editor widget (haven't tried it in 6.0 yet, but it should work like in 5.1)

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Forgot to mention, I'm using S.S. and P.S.

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Hi Pedro,

Are you sure that this issue didn't happen in 5.1?

I am sure that it happens on 5.0 because it happened to several projects that I've been working with. The workaround was using an If widget to both link and popup widget with the condition filled by that boolean.

I've never tried in 5.1, thats why I'm asking it.

Nelson Freitas
I've seen this happen in 4.2 as well as in 6.0.
So it's probably happening in the remaining versions as well. (5.0 and 5.1)

As Pedro states he is sure it wasn't happening in 5.1, so my guess is there are some other conditions (other than the Enable property of the element) that cause the error to happen, being the Enable property the more flagrant and dependent on those hipothetical other ones.

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As Chinita said this wasn't happening in the 5.1 version of the eSpace.

When I was trying to figure out what was going on I did enclosure the link and the Popup_Editor widget and set the visibility of the container to be the same condition as the one from the Enable property of the link. Even then the error would appear, only when I set the Enable property to always be enabled, while in the container maintained the condition to be shown or not.

In 5.1 the error didn't appear at all in the beginning and I even tried to make the same visibility hack to the container of link and Popup_Editor to be sure and still no error would show

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I have this same issue in V with the link.enabled property set to be disabled on condition of another field being present. The enabling diabling works fine but when the page first loads I get this error as the link is disabled. Is this a bug? 
Using link.visible on condition with the link.enable = True fixed the problem. As long as you don't want to see it rather than see it disabled which was preferable in my case..
Hi Keith,

To fix the problem you enclose both the link and the popup editor in an If widget.
Set the If condition to what you have currently for the enabled. On the True part you place the link and the popup editor (without any enabled condition). Then on the false part you place only a link with enabled set to False.

The error is "normal" since the popup editor requires a link with the target set. Disabled links do not have it.

Also, just for the record, the error existed on 5.1 as well, but was not an explicit feedback message like it is now.

João Rosado
Thanks. I got that to work. Had to refresh the link(s) for what I was doing.