Service Center Factory Configuration

Service Center Factory Configuration

I am creating a shared configuration, and want to copy sections from an external document; where should I put that document so that the xslt can find it?

I have a "document('Modus.config') function in the xsl, and guess I need a second parameter specifying the base URI; what should that parameter be?
Hi Terry,

Just add that file as a resource in your eSpace and select Deploy to Target Directory in the Deploy Action. You can leave the Target Directory empty and it will deply to the same folder as web.config.

Tiago Simões
Thanks Tiago,
Yes, that gets my Modus.config file into the right folder, but the xsl in my Factory Configuration is not finding it and customizing the web.config file.
In the xsl I have tried referencing it as "document('Modus.config')" and "document('Modus.config', .)", but niether works.
I have tested the xsl operation outside of OutSystems, and it works fine.
According to what I understand about the xsl document() function, the first version, with no 2nd parameter, assumes Modus.config is in the same location as the xsl (wherever that is), and the second version, with the 2nd parameter = ".", or "/" assumes Modus.config is in the same location as the source document (web.config).
Any ideas about the correct document() format? Or,is there some Factory Configuration restriction keeping this from working?

Hi Terry,

I'm not really sure where the transformation is done, but another way to accomplish what you are trying to do is to include the file content right inline inside the xsl instead of relying on a separate file.

Tiago Simões
Thanks again,
I'm going to try a different approach, where I'll include part of what I need in the xsl; probably better than my original approach anyway.
Hi there,

Tiago - Is there a way of finding out where the transformation is performed?

We have an extension method which has an app.config file. Values in the app.config file are either transformed (depending on the configuration/environment) we are releasing to or updated automatically through a web service reference with endpoint/bindings. 

ie - It is not really an option to copy and paste the transformed config into the inline xslt for each environment.

When I publish the extension, I can see the app.config file transformed and copied to the root folder of the eSpace that is referencing it. eg OutSystems.NssExtension.dll.config

But like Terry mentioned, the transformation seems to fail when trying to load the external document. I have tested this in visual studio and it loads it from within the same directory (relative path) and also from an explicit folder (e:\temp\OutSystems.NssExtension.dll.config)

Trying to load the file from the temp folder also did not work, ruling out a timing issue. I was thinking it could be a permissions issue, so I gave grant permissions to the file to the IIS AppPool\OutSystemsApplications user using the command line ICACLS.

I have also changed the application pool identity to be a local user with administrative priviledges but this did not work.

I dont see any errors in the event log/SC..?

Could someone please  help or send me details of Support?


Hi Paul,

You can  send an email to the OutSystems Support Team

Tiago Simões
Thanks Tiago - I have sent support an email with the issue.  Waiting on a reply.

I will post the solution once I get a reply.

Thanks again