Upload file doesn't show

Upload file doesn't show


First of all the Best Wishes for 2012 !!!

Having a Question about showing an Uploaded File.

Just want to Upload a CV (Webscreen Contact_Edit) for a Contact and show this CV in Contact_show webscreen
after ahowing I want to download the uploaded file.

Somebody can have a look what is missing in the eSpace ? 
Sending also the eSpace as Attachment.

Kind Regards, Yusuf
Hi Yusuf,

best wishes for you too!

well this is being caused because of the CV.Id is not set as auto-number  and so using the CreateOrUpdate action if you do not set the Id manually (just because auto-number is off!) the CV will be saved with id = 0 (platform null).

To fix this, you will need to set this to auto-number, to do this you cannot simply change the attribute, you need to copy&past CV, do a find and replace of CV to CV2.

This will solve the issue!

Hi Miguel,

Well first I followed the steps like described in the Recruitment eSpace tutorial.
Indeed the CreateorUpdate action set the id for CV.id to 0 several times when clicking on Save in the Edit Record in the webscreen contact_edit.

After Copying the CV entity to CV2 entity, Just changed the number auto-number to Yes in CV2,  and after that deleting the first entity of CV.
Renaming CV2 to CV. This solved visibility of the upload file and getting that downloadable.

Thanks a Lot !
It was a little technical configuration but a very useful one =)

Regards, Yusuf