Best method for accepting payment through gateway (Authorize.Net)?

Best method for accepting payment through gateway (Authorize.Net)?

I'm going to be creating a new application that lets customers register for an event and pay for registration, so I am looking to be able to accept credit card payments on the website. We were hoping to be able to use our current payment gateway, Authorize.Net, rather than PayPal.This is my first application that deals with payment or credit cards, so I'm looking for some advice.

Here's some information on Authorize.Net's developer center about how to use their various APIs:

And a comparison of each:

We would need to use the Direct Post Method (DPM) or Advanced Integration Method (AIM) but I don't know which one would work with OS. Also, I'm not quite sure how to get started with integrating it into the platform. Any pointers? Anything I should know before diving in? Would it be helpful at all if I looked at how it's done with PayPal in the free eCommerce app, even though I won't be using PayPal?

Thank you for any advice!
I wrote a payment module (for First Data Merchant Services) which should be VERY similar to Authorize.NET if memory of the Authorize.NET API serves. My module is in the Components area as open source, so feel free to take a look at it.

In general, these things are easiest when you take the sample code from the vendor, wrap it in an extension, and run with that. It's about what I did and it should get you up and running in minutes, not hours.


You could create an connector by doing the following
1) Download SDK
2) Create and publish an "Extension" using Advanced Integration Method 
3) Create and publish an eSpace to wrap the "Extension" 
4) Consume the authorize connector eSpace in your application, (ie by creating a form EditRecord).

Thanks, guys! Sounds like enough direction to get started.

I'll definitely take a look at your component, Justin. It should help me learn how everything fits together.