Re : Question: License detachment

Re : Question: License detachment

Hi Guys,

Could you give me your inputs about the scenario below.

Client subscribes for minimum One Year Standard 60 On Premise License with 25 users and builds its app using the Agile Platform
for four months.  On the fifth month of subscription, client decides to build another app but the platform won't allow since the
new app shall eat-up Software Units and exceed its limitations.  With this, client decided to detach the first app to free up its
Software Units so they could build another app using the Agile Platform.
Apparently, client wanted to use the Agile Platform as a tool to build their apps and detach them eventually after they have been
created.  Can this be done?       


Thank you for your question!

Rodrigo Castelo has made a post here that clearly explains the purpose of the detachment of the source code. If the customer will still be using the Agile Platform, he has interest in the value provided in the app development and management capabilities. If the app is no longer important, he can delete it from the platform and those SUs will no longer be consumed. 

Summarizing for this scenario, the no lock in / source code detachment capability is applicable for customers that stop using the Agile Platform for developing and maintaining their apps landscape as a whole, and not for using the platform as a code generation tool of a single or set of apps. 
Hope this helps making the scenario clear.


Thanks Gonçalo Borrêga  for your input