Moving tables across eSpaces

Moving tables across eSpaces

Hi all,

There is any way, procedure or tool to move tables (entities) of one eSpace to another? When i say move, i  mean take all data and struture from one espace to another, instead of referencing.

I hope I have explained well...

Hugo Castro

(FWIK) That can be (only) done directly on the Database.


INSERT INTO TestTable (FirstNameLastName)
SELECT FirstNameLastName
FROM Person 

Hi Daniel Martins,

I know that, but i want to move the structure to, because there are many table with referential integrity that would take considerable time to create. 

In the current scenario there are many tables across several eSpaces and  I want to put them together in a eSpace only.

Sorry if i don't explain well.

Thanks anyway.

Sorry, i didn't got the ideia with your first post.
Regarding that scenario ( move tables/entities of one eSpace to another and many table with referential integrity) i suggest tou to use 'Merge with file" option, then you can select the entities from the foreign e-Space and its dependencies easily.
About migrating the data, once again, it only can be done directly on the Database.

I hope this reflects your thoughts and is helpful for you.