getIP() java

Hi.The getIP() from httpRequestHandler method on java environment return java.null.exception.Anyone knows why?
I'm not sure, but I dont think that the java source code was included in that extension, I might be wrong but I did a full compilation on a server the other day and I think I remember that warning

Best way to check it is to get the extension itself to ensure it (if you using version 6, should be deployed with System Components)

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I was wrong, the extension does in fact have the J2EE source code inside, I just checked on a 6.0 server

But then again, since there is no JAVA stack of 6.0 you are probably running a 5.0 server. Do you have a stack of the error?

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Since the HttpRequestHandler extension is currently shipped with the source code, you may correct the code for the GetIP action.
The code for this action  is:

result.outParamUserIP = request.getHeader("X-Forwarded-For");
int index = result.outParamUserIP.indexOf(",");          
The problem occurs on the bold lines, because request.getHeader() can return null if the header doesn’t exist and there is no check for this on the second bold line.

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