Hello there,
I have a process that has several human activities upon a given document type object: validate, reject, request information, give advice, transfer, etc.
A Request Information is a parallel activity (so we can't close the validation activity) and I need to create the request information activity, which can be recursive - to have human activities related to each other.
The problem is activities are process related, not activities related. How do I do this properly ?
Thank you
Hi Ederico,

Based on your description I can see that you want to control two different things:
  • Trigger several human activities depending on your logic - here you can use the Conditional Starts that allows you to control how many activities you need to trigger based on the bussiness logic.
  • Allow closing human activities depending on the execution of other activities - you should check if you have any dependicies for the clousere, it can be done if you attached to the activtity some extra information and then query this. By extra information, I mean (for example) a static value like a list of behaviours.
Paulo Garrudo