Bits & Bijt XL - Community meetup in the Netherlands - February 10

Bits & Bijt XL - Community meetup in the Netherlands - February 10

Hi everyone,

By looking at the Community Site’s sidebar you may have noticed already that there’s an exciting event coming to the Netherlands in February: Hot on the heels of OutSystem’s yearly event “Next Step” (normally held in Portugal) comes the Dutch “myNextStep”, where we will recreate the dynamics and breadth of discussions our flagship event is known for the benefit of our Northern European community!

We think it’s going to be such a great event that we decided to associate our infamous :-) Developer gathering “Bits&Bijt”, supersize and turn it into the full-blown technology-centric track of myNextStep – how cool is that?!

The lignup of sessions is still being finalized, but some subjects you will definitely see covered there are HTML5, how to supercharge the visuals of your OutSystems application using jQuery. Furthermore we will have a retrospective of our CodeJam 2011 internal event (where we implemented 9 apps in 2.5 days*) and how you could do it yourself!

So, what are you waiting for? Point your browser to and join me on February 10th!



* No developers were harmed during the CodeJam developments. Not seriously, anyway.
Hi again!

Just a quick heads up to let you know that the myNextStep event page has been updated and now contains the full breakdown of the sessions for both the Bits & Bijt XL and the Business tracks!

So, if you haven't done so, head over to and join us in the Netherlands on February 10th!

Take care,

Let's see: toothbrush... scarf... coat... gloves... one more scarf... turtleneck shirt... warmer gloves... powerpoint presentation... better get an extra scarf...

Yes, I'm all set and packed to go to myNextStep in the Netherlands... under the forecast of a top temperature of minus 3 Celsius. :-/

If you want to feel warm and fuzzy inside (if not outside) you MUST join me for myNextStep (and in particular the Bits & Bijt XL track) in a couple of days!

There are still vacant spots so, if you haven't done that yet, head over to and enrol!

Be there or be square,


Just wanted to send a warm thank you to all that attended the myNextStep event last week! It was great chatting again with some and meeting others for the first time!

The event was great, much due to the solid attendance (110 people, excluding OutSystems staff) and a fine set of presentations that ranged from business centric to deeply geeky (can you say “António Chinita”).

It is humbling to hear that some people travelled over 300km by car to be with us, while at least one person had to step out to push something into production and still felt compelled to come back after that!

Truly these events cover the OutSystems Platform, but in the end they are not about the technology. They cover the Agile approach but are not about the methodology. What they are about is the great projects that get developed and handed to satisfied customers by YOU the development teams.

Thank you all, you make OutSystems what it is today!

Thanks for the great event! Can't wait to see 7.0, after the US Army Mega Cloud presentation...

Kind regards,

PS. it was realy worth to go back after the production-incident
Morning everyone,

Our awesome Field Marketing team has been beavering away and has already put all the presentations from the mtNextStep event (including all from the Bits&Bijt XL track) up in the event page!

So if you attended the event and want to relive those great moments or you couldn't make it but still want to check out what was presented there, follow this link:


Hello Miquel,

Not every download pdf links works (first two of the business session don't work) didn't checked them all, you may do that :).

Pictures are nice to see.

Kind regards,
We had a weird glitch on our site that broke the downloads... it should be ok now.

Thanks for the heads up Evert,