Problem with onChange of radio button inside a list record

Hi all,
I am having a strange behavior with an onChange screen action of radio buttons inside a list record.
Here’s the scenario:
I have a list record where in each line I have a radio button. When I add an onChange screen action to each radio button (5 in total), the application shows the yellow loading tab in the bottom every time I click in another radio button. The problem is this loading tab never hides back again. Currently I’m testing with a blank screen action but the behavior is consistent with non-blank screen actions.
I need the onChange action to affect the visibility of another container.
Does anyone else have had this problem before? Any clue how to overcome this? Some users are reporting this and I can’t figure what is wrong.
Thanks in advance for your time
Any possibility of sending a sample oml? I've used some similar processing and it worked. A sample oml would help in solving the issue.