install platform ver 5.1 on laptop running windows 7

install platform ver 5.1 on laptop running windows 7


Actualy we have servers 2003 for development enviroment, but sometime i'm out of office and still want to work.
I've tried the community edition but database is SQL Server, and all ours enviroments are Oracle and for that i get a lot problems with query's.

Is possible to instal in my machine a plataform server and an oracle database (without virtualizing windows 2003)?

Thanks in advanced.

Why not connect directly to the development server itself?

Install "ServiceStudio" and "IntegrationStudio" on your local machine and the local machine connect to the development server.

This way you do not need to install and configure the agile platform or install any database on your local machine.

That should make everyhting easy for you.

Actualy i do that, but connections (areas with poor 3G for e.g.) are not always good.... :/

So 'im looking for an alternative.
I believe that you can have a community edition on a Oracle Database.