Alert: Avira antivirus detects false positive on Service Studio exe

Alert: Avira antivirus detects false positive on Service Studio exe


It seems that our beloved ServiceStudio.exe file is being mistakenly confused with the TR\Dropper.GEN trojan malware, by the Avira Free Antivirus suite.

We had several reports from our users that this is happening with version of Service Studio, and promptly reported to Avira about this false positive, which has confirmed that it is in fact a false positive, and the erroneous detection will be fixed with the next updates of the virus definition file (VDF).

More information about the detection and Avira reply is available here.

If you're being affected by this problem, you can safely ignore the warnings about this virus and for this file, and keep your virus definition files up to date, as it will fix this problem when Avira releases the update to not detect ServiceStudio.exe as a malicious file. Below you'll find a screenshot of the detection.

No worries then, huh!


Miguel Simões João

Sample of the trojan detection:


Good news on this matter.

Avira released a new VDF update (version for Avira Free Antivirus suite, where ServiceStudio.exe is no longer confused with TR\Dropper.GEN trojan malware.

For those who use Avira Free Antivirus and it still identifing ServiceStudio.exe as malware, please update Avira with the last avalaible VDF.

Scan result after updating Avira.

Ivo Gonçalves