Error when install SCInstall.bat on a Windows 2008RC2 64 and oracle

Error when install SCInstall.bat on a Windows 2008RC2 64 and oracle


   I install the Platform Server  in a windows 2008rc2 64 whit oracle 10, follow all the steps on the check list, but when run the file  SCInstall.bat gets and error, when try to see the ServiceCenter in ther browser give the next error, any ideas of what i'm doing wrong?

Line 20:     <sessionState cookieless="false" regenerateExpiredSessionId="true"  mode="Custom" customProvider="OutSystemsSessionProvider">
Line 21:       <providers>
Line 22:         <add name="OutSystemsSessionProvider" type="OutSystems.HubEdition.RuntimePlatform.SessionState.SqlSessionStateStore" />
Line 23:       </providers>
Line 24:     </sessionState>

Source File: D:\Program Files\OutSystems\Platform Server\running\ServiceCenter.01523771213\web.config    Line: 22
Hi Victor,

Wich error did you get when installing Service Center?

Ivo Gonçalves
Please make sure you followed the step:

Configure Platform Server settings with the Configuration Tool..
- Session State Database.

It's just a guess.
Yes, ithat i did, The problem was that I have a 32bits oracle client/server on that machine, when try to connect to the configuration tool the first time I get a bad image error referring to the 32 bits client, then i install a 64 bits client and set the enviroment for that user to point to that client, then i could connect an configure with the configuration tool, but my error, of which i realized after sleep :D was that my IIS was running on the oracle 32 bits client enviroment, so all the installation was ok, cuz the correct enviroment, but the service center culdn't  talk with the oracle server, at the end i have this problem:

  I set the enviroment of the IIS to work on the 64client, or i take a look of how to get running outsistem on 32 bits mode on a 64 machine. :)