How to handle multiple xif's with a "Text" structure?

How to handle multiple xif's with a "Text" structure?


1 thing I am puzzling about lately is that I use a couple of XIF's.

for example


now they all use a similar structure called Text, which contains a value of type Text(string).

Sadly in my espace i will end up with 4 structures Text, Text2, Text3, Text4.

How can I solve this rather easy problem?
I would love to see a nice elegant solution :)

1. Merge all xif's into one new xif. disadvantage: updates will be horror(?)

any more thoughts, ideas, suggestions?

Hi Joost,

This happens with webservices also... it as also been my struggle for a while: Allow grouping/association of equal structures

Up until this point I also haven't found a solution.

Hermínio Mira