http binary get connection refused

Hello all,

I have a simple eSpace, I added a resource, and I tried to use htt binary get to retrieve that resource, and then download it to the local PC.

I get this error, refused

Any ideas? It seems like a firewall or security issue, but it doesn't make much sense...

I do know I'm not messing up the URL, cause I can access the resouce directly from the browser.
The platform is 5, java stack.

Thanks in advance,

Rui Pereira
Hi, Rui.
You can access directly to the resource's binary data.
ex: Assigning the variable  Resources.<ResourceName> 
If you want the resource avaiable, from other applications, make sure that you choose the "Deploy to Target Directory" option (image example attached), in that way, you have the resource avaiable by the url: http://servername/eSpaceName/ResourceName
Hi Daniel,

I can't say for sure, but I'm guessing you have platform 6, because there is no "Deploy to Target Directory" on my resource, plus I can't assign a variable to it, it doesn't appear on the scope tree...(created variable, type binary data, and used an assign to do it, but it is not possible).

Am I doing it wrong, or is this not feasible on the 5 java stack platform?

Sorry, my fault.
I misunderstood the fact that you are working with the 5.0 version.
My screenshots  and explanation it's based on the 6.0 service studio version.
No problem Daniel, thanks for the time.

still, a couple of questions you said that you could assign a binary to a variable directly? is there any other way than upload widget to load a variable with binary data on platform 5?


Rui Pereira