[Discovery] Creating Snapshots Fails after Default DNS Change
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Discovery hasn't created any new snapshots since we changed the DefaultDNS for our development environment in LifeTime last week. The "CreateSnapshot" timer continues to run every morning, but the following error is raised:

[1] Error executing query.
   at ssDiscoveryProbe.Actions.FuncActionModules_Reload.QueryCreateModuleDefinitionsForExtensions2(HeContext heContext, Int32 maxRecords, IterationMultiplicity multiplicity, Int64& outParamCount, Int32 qpinLibModuleLayerId)
   at ssDiscoveryProbe.Actions.ActionModules_Reload(HeContext heContext, String inParamDatabaseProvider)
   at ssDiscoveryProbe.Actions.ActionApplications_Reload(HeContext heContext, String inParamDatabaseProvider)
   at ssDiscoveryProbe.Actions.ActionSnapShot_Create(HeContext heContext, Int32& outParamSnapShotId, String& outParamSnapShotName)

[2] Error in advanced query CreateModuleDefinitionsForExtensions2 in Modules_Reload in DiscoveryProbe (INSERT INTO {ModuleDef}(Name, Description, SS_Key, Kind, ApplicationDefId, ESpaceId, ExtensionId, Layer, IsSelected, IsDeleted)  SELECT    E.[Name],   EV.[Description],   E.[SS_Key],   'xif' as Kind,   AD.[Id] as ApplicationDefId,   NULL as ESpaceId,   E.[Id] as ExtensionId,   @LibModuleLayerId as Layer,  1 as IsSelected,  0 as IsDeleted  FROM (((({Extension_Version} EV      Inner JOIN {Extension} E ON (E.[VERSION_ID] = EV.[ID]))       Inner JOIN ({Module} M      Inner JOIN {App_Definition_Module} ADM ON (ADM.[MODULE_ID] = M.[ID])) ON (M.[EXTENSION_ID] = E.[ID]))       Inner JOIN {ApplicationDef} AD ON (ADM.[APPLICATION_ID] = AD.[APPLICATIONID]))       Left JOIN {ModuleDef} MD ON (MD.[EXTENSIONID] = E.[ID]))   WHERE (E.[IS_ACTIVE] = 1) AND (AD.[ISDELETED] <> 1) AND (MD.[ID] IS NULL)): The INSERT statement conflicted with the FOREIGN KEY constraint "OSFRK_OSUSR_MRN_MODULEDEF_OSUSR_MRN_MODULELAYER_LAYER". The conflict occurred in database "OSDEV1", table "dbo.OSUSR_MRN_MODULELAYER", column 'ID'.
The statement has been terminated. 

Does anyone know what we need to do to get Discovery running again?



Discovery: 5.1.4

Infra: Cloud PaaS

Hi Ross,

If you don't bother about losing existing snapshopts, I would recommend deleting the Discovery app completely, and bring up with a fresh new install.

Deleting the app would clean up the data and new app installation is usually expected to work without any such conflicts. This suggest can be taken with a salt. :)

If you're technical enough to deep dive into the sql and fix the constraints which is preventing this SQL to work, I would recommend installing the SQL Sandbox and DIY everything to get this query up and running. It might not be so easy and fast, but it is technically possible.

Hi @Ross Jennings 

Were you able to reinstall the app successfully?

Sorry @Ravi Punjwani, missed your previous comment.

I reinstalled Discovery which resolved the issue. As you mentioned, I lost the snapshots which isn't really an issue. However, I also lost all my domain and layer configurations which I should have thought to document before reinstalling.

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