custome theme for multiple applications


I am struggling with a certain issue I have with themes.

I need to create a custom theme where I also have to alter the menu-webblock.
I have a couple of application-espaces where that theme should be applied to.
with their own specific menuitems ofcourse.

How do I do that?

create a common espace with in everything set.
but how do I override the menuitem entity?

imho this is a common issue, because you want not only a consistent look inside 1 espace but also for multiple espaces. (but with a different menu_items)
With public Themes like the "Black", RichWidget's e-space has that same functionality.
In my opinion, the best solution to achieve what you had described, is to create one e-Space with one base theme from RichWidgets, then you change the menu item css and set it public.

This way, others e-Spaces can consume that CSS and set it as Base Theme.