Install, change and re-install applications

Install, change and re-install applications

Hello all,

I apologize if this topic has already been explained but I did not find it in the forum.

I downloaded the application Documents, changed it and now I would like to install it in other server/computer. Can you somehow gather all the espaces and install it with one click? similar the way we install it over Servicestudio? or do you have to install each component?

I hope i ve made myself clear :p

Thanks in advance.

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Hello Pedro,

You can go to service center, Applications, click on Documents, there you can see all dependencies. After that you can create a solution with all these components.

From here, you can download that solution and deploy it in others servers.

There is another way, but this is probably not the best way to do it :)

You can query the Entitity "Solution" from the System, and check the Solution Id for the solution "Documents" and then enter the following URL in your browser:

http://your_server_domain/ServiceCenter/Solution_Edit.aspx?SolutionId=X and replace with your server and replace X with the id from the previous query.

This way i think you will see the download solution which i think its kind of hidden. Then create a new version with the Current Running Version that have your changes.

Hello All,

Don't forget that if you are installing the Solution on a Diferent Infrastructure then the original you will need to use the Intellectual Property Protection (IPP) Rights Validation on the solution or on the espace(s) so that you are able to publish the eSpace(s)/Solution as it is explained in