How to add an entry to a existing table

Hello, I'm a beginer in using the Outsystems Agile platform and this question might sound dummy.

I created a page using a web screen. Then I created an entity (a table) with 2 colums. I draged & droped the table on that web screen. Now on that page I want to place a button that would allow me to add something in that table. According to the tutorials I have to place a container, write a text and right click on it, then choose Link to New 'Page name_Edit' Web Screen. But I do not have this option in my menu.
Can someone help me please. I realy do not understand the logic behind this process. 

Many thanks.

Hi Gyba,

I myself am fairly new to AP, but what helps understanding how it works is first letting AP do the work for you and look into that. In your case: 

1 create an entity,
2 drag that entity to the webflow (a webscreen wil be created to list your records)
3 drag that entity again to the webflow (a webscreen wil be created to show a record)
4 drag that entity for the third time to the webflow (a webscreen wil be created to edit a record)

then take a close look at the generated screens, it will help you understand the way it's done.

Regards,, Harry   

Thank you for your advice. It really helped me.