EnterpriseManagerCfg Extension for Agile Project Management

EnterpriseManagerCfg Extension for Agile Project Management

I am trying to install Agile Project Management but have missing references for "EnterpriseManagerCfg" how do i create or populate that extension?
Hello Lee

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The Agile Project Management component requires the Enterprise Manager component. If you're using a 6.0 version of the Agile Platform, you need to download a 6.0 version of the Enterprise Manager and deploy it on your environment. If you're using a 5.1 version of the Agile Platform, access the Enteprise Manager component version history to download the latest 5.1.x version.

Hope this helps, let us know if you bump into any problems.


Miguel Simões João
Miguel,  the first slide in the powerpoint instructions for Enterprise Manager states the following:
Enterprise Manager is no longer required in the Agile Platform version 6.0 and above.
It is only being provided for backward compability

We are running V6.0.1.10 do i still need to install the Enterprise Manager?

Hi Lee

That's true, Enterprise Manager is not required by Agile Platform 6.0, since you now have the Users espace. But the APM component is build to use Enteprise Manager components, and it wasn't updated to user Users instead.

I suggest you check the component discussion forum at [Agile Project Management] Discussion, to check the same problem reported by other users using 6.0, and how they overcome the fact that APM requires EM, even in 6.0.


Miguel Simões João