'IsMobileBrowser' Action is incompatible with the 'RichWidgets' eSpace

'IsMobileBrowser' Action is incompatible with the 'RichWidgets' eSpace

We upgraded our server to version (from
After republishing my application, I get the following error, and no way to browse any page.
'IsMobileBrowser' Action is incompatible with the 'RichWidgets' eSpace definition. Please update it.

I checked the RichWidgets eSpace, and indeed, it has a function called "IsMobileBrowser", but I'm not even referencing it in my eSpace, let alone using it.
Publishing the RichWidgets eSpace does not throw any errors, but it is not fixing the issue.
Anyone have an idea what I need to do to fix this?
Hi Tim,

Have you published the new (  "SystemComponents" solution in the upgrade process?

Thank you for your quick reply.
It seems something went wrong during the publish of the SystemComponents while upgrading the server.
After a re-upload and republish of the SystemComponents, everything is working again.

Thanks again,