Embedded Change Technology question

Embedded Change Technology question

Hello everybody!  We got the ECT system working on our apps.  Really cool by the way.  We like how users can comment on the pages and give the development team feedback.  On the ECT application under the Feedback List tab, we have all of the comments listed.  We would like to delete the commons as they are read and addressed by the development team.  That way we do not have a growing list of comments and the comments become obsolete.  As we address a comment, we want to delete the comment.  How do we do that? 
Hi Frank,

The ECT_Provider Feedback List was not designed to be a full ECT feedback management suite, but rather as a quick "monitoring" (i.e. check that it is working) screen. This means that, other than the option to Hide some of the feedbacks it really does not provide any more functionality.

Having said that, the Entities that form the backbone of the ECT technology are public in the ECT_Provider allowing you to quickly develop a full fledged backoffice application if you so desire. Look for all the entities named Feedback* on said eSpace.

If you need some guidance you can look into the Agile Project Management component available at http://www.outsystems.com/NetworkSolutions/ProjectDetail.aspx?ProjectId=203, that already implements some ECT backoffice stuff.

Hope this helps and good luck!