How to publish my application as a web page

How to publish my application as a web page

I created a small application using the AP and now I want to publish it as a web page. How do I do that? Can I do that?
I want to put it on the internet outside the AP cloud, to have it as a normal web page: 
I viewed the tutorials Create and Consume a Web Service, but unfortunately for me i dodn't understand to much.
Can someone help me please?
Thank you.
Hello Gyba

I asusme you're using a Trial in the Cloud server, right?

You can see this by checking the hostname URL you use to access your application, it should say something like

Just like deploying onto a remote cloud server, in order to put your app in the internet, you need remote server that is available on the internet, so you can publish your application to the server, and make it available world wide. This means buying the DNS records for your application, and the hosting of the server.

So in a nutshell, you need to have a public dedicated server to install the Agile Platform Server component (you can install the full community edition that already includes that component), and buy a DNS to, and configure it to that server's public IP address.

OutSystems offers also include permanent Cloud servers, where you can publish your applications, so if in doubt, you can reachout to the pre-sales team by following the Contact Us button at

Happy deployments.


Miguel Simões João