Cryptic WebReference request exception

I am trying to debug a web reference I have for FedEx RateService SOAP API. however, when I call the WebReference method of getRates, all I get is an exception stating "Schema validation failed for request.", I can't debug this using debugger cause there is no XML response from FedEx with error messages so it has to be the Agile Platform that is causing the error.

Does anyone know now to better debug this or if there is a work around to resolve this? I have been trying to get it fixed for a week now to no avail.

Thanks for any input

Ryan J. Peterson
Hello Ryan

And welcome to the OutSystem Agile Network Community.

That seems to be a well known problem with the Fexed web service, as we can find many references n the web about it. One in particular is very interesting (, and it references that some mandatory fields aren't being sent in the web service invocation. So at first, I would suggest to guarantee that you're filling all the input parameters of the web method.

in order to troubleshoot the problem and determine the cause for the error, on needs to capture the request and response of the web service, and even work it with SOAP UI do determine what's missing.

So what I would recommend is to first use a traffic tracer to collect the invocation and response of the web service. If calling the web service through HTTP you can use TCP trace, Fiddler or Wireshark as documented on Troubleshooting HTTP communications and web services - TCP Sniffing. If using HTTPS, you need also to use STunnel, to convert HTTP into HTTPS, and use TCP trace or Fiddler to capture the content before being converted into HTTPS.

With the request response, then one can attempt to test the web service using SOAP UI, which will allow you tweak the invocation to determine what's missing. After determining that, one can see what it's possible to tweak on the web service call inside OutSystems, to overcome the problem.

Let us know your findings.


Miguel Simões João
Hi Ryan,

Miguel is right, the FedEx documentation that I was using last year implied certain fields were optional when in fact they were not. And the WSDL FedEx provided would not compile in my 5.1 CE OutSystems version. Spent some time with OutSystems support on the WSDL and more time with FedEx support using SoapUI.

Attached is a sample eSpace and WSDL that I'm using to track packages. Cloned it from our production eSpace and got rid of priprietary stuff -- did not try to compile this particular one though.

Hope it works out for you.

Alex C.