Document Mode for Agile Platform generated code

Document Mode for Agile Platform generated code

Hello all

Is there anyway to change the code generated by the platform to be recognised in IE as Document Mode IE9 Standards? For instance, ServiceCenter (as with any OS generated app) will be in IE8 standards, which then turns on IE9 compatibility view mode:

Anyway of "forcing" it to IE9?

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Hi Pedro,

You can use HttpRequestHandler.AddMetaTag() 

and in the preparation of a block that will be used in all pages (e.g. Common\Layout_Normal) call it with the following settings:

This will output 
in the header of all pages.

I haven't tested, let me know if it works.

Tiago Simões
Not sure if this is the reason it is not working for me, but the output is different from the one you suggested:

<meta name="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE=edge">


Hi Tim,

The problem is not the generated applications, its the browser defaults.
By default IE9 renders intranet sites as IE7 compatible mode, even with IE=edge.

(Just forget the Service Center example in the first post, before 7.0 it was rendered in Quirks and was not supposed to render in standards like the rest of the applications)

So the problem with the IE7 rendering wont happen to your clients are accessing the application over the internet.
If your application is an Intranet one, consider using a network group policy to disable the compatible mode:
Read under "Turn on Internet Explorer 7 Standards Mode" and "Turn on Internet Explorer Standards Mode for Local Intranet"

João Rosado

I need to have IE9 acting as IE9 myself as well. Since There  are mutliple applications running in the company I do not feel like having either a server setting and/or browser-setting, because other applications may render incorrectly.

Therefor I want to choose the meta-tag solution.
(especially when i saw this flowchart: )

This comes back to the problem of the AddMetaTag, it only provides the <meta name...> tag and not <meta http-equiv...>
Will there be a fix on HttpRequestHandler for that for .NET and JAVA? :)