Format Date for high value dates

Format Date for high value dates

Hi all,

I was wondering if you could help me... 
I'm doing a DiffSeconds between two date time vars, in which it could give me diferences in the order of more than 1 day, or even... 1 year. The thing is that the format of DateTime var is hh:mm:ss.

I would like to be able to... at most have y.m.d hh:mm:ss

So far, if I have a DiffSeconds result bigger than 86400 seconds(1 day) the result is printed as 00:00:00. So assuming I had 86405 it should print out 0.0.1 00:00:05.
I assume this format will be ackward to the end user, but it is the best solution I'm finding so far, so if you guys have any better solution, I'd appreciate to review it too.

But so far... Let's keep with the date format :)

Thanks in advance,
Nuno Silva
Hi Nuno.
Take in consideration this "workaround": 
Use the function DiffDays(dt1,dt2), then change the day of the 1st argument Date to the same day of the 2nd argument, then get the  DiffHours and so on....  
Note: You should do the same for the year, otherwise, the DiffDays function it will not return the expected value.
 I hope it helps!