It's official... OutSystems is in the Army!

It's official... OutSystems is in the Army!

I am not one to normally repost customer announcements in the Community, but I’ll open an exception on this one because we at OutSystems are all incredibly excited with and proud of this one.

Today OutSystems publically announced a major project being undertaken for the US Army!

It’s a gargantuan endeavor that was entrusted to us by the fine folk on the US Army, after thorough investigation of competing technologies. In their own words, they found that “the Agile Platform was the only solution we found that could provide us with the speed to delivery and platform as a service capabilities needed to power our private cloud infrastructure

Now, how cool is THAT?

I’d like to take the chance to send kudos to the R&D and Solution Delivery teams for providing a winning combination of awesome Platform and bullet-proof application development, thus giving me the opportunity to write this post today!

You can read the full announcement at

Great news!!