JasperReports Integration with Outsystems Plataform

JasperReports Integration with Outsystems Plataform


Anybody knows or have any tutorial that explains how to integrate jaspersreports with outsystems plataform?


Old topic, but someone have any idea about this? maybe some advance in this topic?
I need to do this too, I'm trying it but without results.; is it possible at least?

Hi Bernardino,

what stack are you using (.net or Java)?

I don't have much time now but I've used Jasper before (in Java environments)... I'll leave some tips.

I usually begin by creating an extension that exposes the functionality I want from the Jasper library (you import the jars into your extension). Then do the necessary coding stuff (create the objects, instantiate the variables, ...)

Then I use iReport to design my reports (or you may already have the existing reports yourself). You can then have them imported has resources in your espace or define a place in the server to act as a repository or something else.

Reference the extension in your espace and use the provided actions to produce the report. You can pass parameters to the action that will be passed on to the extension or you may not need them because they already are present in your code.

Tipically the action(s) in your extension will output binary data that you can download in your OutSystems apps.

I'm sorry for being so brief... It's just a little help.
When I have more time maybe I'll try to do an example...

João H.

Hi João
First of all thank you so much for replying, and to your question, I'm using .NET
And don't worry, I appreciate your tips I'll keep trying it following your instructions. I'll let you know if I get any results.
And it will be great if you do some examples about this Integration because it will help to many of us in our respective issues.
Thanks again!
Hi João,
Interesting and helpful tips.

On "creating the report on iReport": How do you usually do that? E.g. What kind of datasource is used? Direct access to OutSystems Tables? Intermediate views? Exposed webservices?

If you're using the .net stack and you really really want to use Jasper I think it requires a little more effort...
I was checking http://community.jaspersoft.com/ and they offer a JasperReports Server now. I believe you can install it in windows environments. After installation you can communicate using the REST Web Service API.
I've never done this before.
Have you looked for alternatives to Jasper? ASPOSE (http://www.aspose.com/) perhaps?

I've done basic reports where I pass all the values I want to the extension (names, addresses,...).
I did one report once where I passed a list of values in CSV format. The extension received the list in binary form and then I would use JRCsvDataSource class to read the data.
I've also used direct access to the database. The extension code would use the now deprecated (I believe) DBTransactionManager to get a connection and pass it to the Jasper methods.

Hi Joao;

You're right, it was more difficult than I thought, I wanted to use it, because its one of the tools that I use the most, that's why I wanted to use it so much.
I have being reading about aspose, I'm thinking to give it a try. (jajaja!!)

Thank again for replaying!!

I really appreciatte it.