Inside switch button want to add dynamic value
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I want to use dynamic value use inside the switch button like 

Would that be acceptable if you keep that text outside on right or left side of the widget.

But I want to inside the switch button 

If you want an easy approach, you can do it by css. That will be possible only if the text is small enough to fit in the existing switch switch.

Add position-relative css class on the widget. Then add your text next to it with position-absolute class. Set inline css property left:-30px

Wrap both elements, the widget and the text, in a container.

See if this works.

Can you please share me sample oml file

You must first try yourself from the explanation provided. That will give you the best learning experience. If you still have the problem then message me here again. I'll try to help as much I can .

I have tried that's why I put the question in forum and as you suggested to me this thing I did already but its not fulfill as per my requirement . Otherwise I am not put question here. 


Hi Preeti,

Good to know you've tried to implement this. Please share your OML file, I'll help you by explaining what went wrong in your implementation.

You need to use the content value. Provide the content value for the empty dataswitch, and the other value for the dataswitch checkbox; it will work 

@Preeti Mahajan 

You can also be a bit more creative and have it only appear as a switch. Just two containers with a toggle state to switch the css styling:

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