HTTPS connection required by this screen

Hello, I am getting my feet wet with SSL using the CE version and ran across the HTTPS connection required message. ALL my web flows are set to SSL, this includes my web flows AND the stanard ones like Common, Exceptions, etc.

However, if Ieave the Common web flow with SSL and change the LoginPage to NONE, I am able to login with HTTP. After the credentials my app comes up with HTTPS.

Even if I enter the brower reverts to HTTP for login page then back to HTTPS. But if I do a that login  page remains with HTTPS.

I would think that of all pages the LoginPage should really be encrypted. What am I missing?


Alex C.
Tried using the debugger and here is some additional info.

* With LoginPage HTTP security = None: Exceptions/UnregisteredHandler -> Common/LoginPage 

* With LoginPage HTTP seurity = SSL: Exceptions/UnregisteredHandler -> Exceptions/ErrorPage -> (click continue) -> Common/LoginPage WITH SLL padlock

In the UnregisteredHandler the GetURL does say in both of the above tests.So, what is triggering the ErrorPage and how can I fix it?

Thanks for your help.

Alex C.