i am trying  to consume a Webservid through the agile platform and i am getting an error i havent seen before. I am using soapUI to run the webservice, i can access the WSDL, but when i try to add it i get:

"Unable to import binding 'testPTSOAP' from namespace 'http://......'. Unable to import operation 'operationName'. The element, 'operationname, from namespace, http://........, was imported in two different contexts: (PrimitiveMapping, MembersMapping)"

I have been trying to remake the code but keep getting the same error.
Also searcher around but cant seem to find any similar post or anything.

Looking forward to get an answer.
Thank you in advance.
I suggest to submit it to technical support.
They are masters with fixing those annoying wsdl-errors :)
Im afraid i havent got any answer so far, can you tell me how long it usualy takes to get a reply?

Thank you.
Hi Rui

It seems that your help request was entitled to a full tour around our systems, but we finally get to us :).

You should have received a communication from OutSystems Technical Support.


Miguel Simões João