Error List_BulkSelect.

Error List_BulkSelect.


After I
 try to drag the List_BulkSelect widget in mine Source Table Space, not the expected effect is occurring. 
would be: the OutSystems generate the whole process of selection of lines ..

have one exemple in Attachment...

List_BulkSelect fail? 
or i need other widget?


You can find the solution attached.

You nedd to fill the input parameters with the correct/expected parameters and add as well the input checkbox to be "checked".



but, he dont gerenator the delete all..
dont have explosion, causing the link! i need help! for drop the widget and generation of explosion star's...
you know for generation i speak?

how you generate the boolean value?
You create? o.O

All the changes to your oml were made by myself, without IntelliWarp.
You can read about all IntelliWarp operations in the OutSystems Help, but take a look at this helpful post by Tiago Simões:
In the OutSystems Academy you can get free online training that will get you up to speed with OutSystems.
IntelliWarp will help you a lot, but you need to do some exercices and take a look into examples and the Outsystems Academy it's great for that.
You should take a look for the Developer Course 1 in the Academy.

Daniel Martins